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ROME – The United Nations World Food Programme today congratulated Rachel Weisz on winning an Oscar last night for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, for her performance in the movie, The Constant Gardener.
“We are very proud that Rachel, who is a committed WFP celebrity partner, has won this most prestigious award. We are grateful for the tremendous opportunity that the movie has provided to raise awareness of hunger and poverty” said WFP Executive Director James Morris .
Thanks to the support of Rachel Weisz and Fernando Meirelles, the film's director, a special WFP cinema trailer on hunger was produced in Kenya. More than 2,500 copies of the trailer were shown together with the film in over 20 countries around the world.
The 34-year British actress, while shooting the role of Tessa, a passionate activist, witnessed with her own eyes the harsh reality of the Nairobi slums, where thousands of children and single mothers are able to avert hunger thanks to international food aid provided by WFP and its partners.

Right now, WFP is facing a major crisis in Kenya and across East Africa, where drought resulting from consecutive seasons of failed rains is affecting 3.5 million people. The UN food agency’s capacity to deliver life saving assistance is in serious jeopardy due to lack of funding. The human death toll will rise in the coming months if WFP does not receive sufficient donations.

Following his trip to Kenya which concluded yesterday, the head of WFP said he was very grateful for the recent support made available by numerous donors, while appealing for US$189 million still required to maintain operations until the end of this year. “We fear that any break in the food supply to the most vulnerable people will lead to suffering and death on a large scale,” said Morris. “These people have run out of water and food. Unless we reach them all very soon they will run out of time.”

WFP sincerely hopes that this well deserved important award, which follows the Golden Globe Rachel received in last January, could also help WFP raise the attention and find the means to assist the people of the Horn of Africa.